Included in base price

Sumptuous Selections

Butter Cake
A comfort choice with delicious moist butter flavor

also known as “yellow cake”

Butter Pecan
Rich in flavor and nutty pecan goodness!

Lemon Cream
A light and refreshing vanilla lemon
Poppy seeds on request

Delicious rich strawberry cake with real pureed strawberries

Another refreshing rich flavor made from pureed raspberry.

Caramel Dream
The name says it all, a delightful salted caramel cake that is perfect for any occasion.

​Vanilla Almond Wedding Cake
Traditional white wedding cake

One of our most popular!

 Triple Chocolate
Rich chocolate cake, sumptuous and moist with added chocolate chips in every bite!

 Chocolate Devil’s Food
Traditional chocolate cake, light and delicious.

*Red Velvet
A traditional special occasion flavor.

 *Pumpkin Spice
Rich fall flavor with the perfect combination of pumpkin and spice

*Spiced Carrot Cake
A seasonal favorite that is available all year round. 

*Served with our traditional buttercream, however cream cheese can be requested for additional charge!

Additional .50c per serving

Divine Options

Cookies & Cream
Crushed Oreo cookie baked in to tasty vanilla almond cake

*Pair with a Oreo buttercream filling
Drunkin’ Chocolate
Rich chocolate cake infused with Whiskey.

*pair with a smooth Coca Cola & whiskey filling

 German Chocolate

Need we say more? Coconut, pecans, delectable chocolate cake, 

A divine favorite. 

*German Coconut & pecan filling included.

Caramel Apple

A lightly spiced apple cake infused with a hint of caramel.

*Pair with a apple & caramel filling.

A delicious spin on a fall favorite

Mint Liqueur, creamy vanilla & mint filling resting between layers of rich mint chocolate cake

Pina Colada
Pineapple and coconut vanilla cake infused with coconut rum.

*Perfectly paired with our pineapple & coconut Pina Colada filling.
Pink Champagne 
A beautiful pink velvet almond cake infused with sweet pink strawberry champagne.


Cinnamon Spice & Every Thing Iced

A tasty cake spin on the cinnamon sticky bun everyone loves!Pecans, Caramel, Cinnamon, infused in to a delicious vanilla cake.

Additional .50c per serving

Luxurious Fillings

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Mousse

Lemon Curd

Strawberry Puree

Raspberry Puree

Cream Cheese

Banana Creme


Pina Colada

Peanut Butter

Don't see the flavors you were hoping for?

No request is too over the top.


Ask away if you want to try something NEW!


All cake and cupcakes are topped with Lavish Whisks' signature 
Vanilla Almond Buttercream.

This is included in the standard base price in all quotes.

Layered cakes are filled with buttercream unless a luxurious filling are requested.

Additional icing flavors can be requested for an

additional .25c per serving.

Caramel, Strawberry, Mint, Cream Cheese, etc!

So many possibilities, tell us what you would like to enjoy.



We will create the perfect combination of flavors every time! 

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