Hippity Hop!

Don't forget the sprinkles on the top!

Tips on how to complete your DIY cake!


To start, place a dot of icing on to the cardboard cake circle.

Place one layer of cake on to dot (will help to secure cake to the circle while decorating.)

Using a spatula, add a layer of white "body" icing on to the layer of cake, place second layer on top. 


Using a spatula, add a VERY thin layer of icing to the entire cake.  This is called a "crumb coat". 

Place the lightly iced cake in to the refrigerator for approximately 10 minutes (until icing firms up).


Remove the chilled cake from the refrigerator and using your spatula, add the remaining white icing to the entire cake.  Take the cake smoother provided in your kit and use it to give the icing a nice smooth finish.  Now it's time for the hair!


Collect the bag of colored icing, unscrew the coupler/tip and remove the seal. Replace tip & coupler.

This is where you can be as creative as you want! 

Swirls, stars, etc. Have fun adding the hair to your bunny!!

Don't forget to add the tail on the back!! 

Once hair is complete, place the festive sprinkles wherever you would like a little extra fun! 



Now it's time for the little details!  

Put in the ears, and stick on the face!! 

(if needed, add a tiny dot of icing to the eyes/face details to get it to stick on the cake)