They've asked!

Answers to many commonly asked questions!

Q: Do you charge more for weddings than other celebration cakes?

A: Not at all! Cake is cake, regardless of the kind of celebration. All cakes start at the same base price per serving and additional cost is determined by complexity of design.


Q: Can I do a different flavor for each tier or each dozen cupcakes?

A: Yes! You can do as many as you would like. I do however, up-charge after 3 different flavors.


Q: Do you deliver outside of Lawrence?

A: Yes! I will deliver to anywhere. 
Please ask for a delivery quote.


Q: Do you require a deposit / retainer / down payment?

A: Yes I do. All orders require a 50% non refundable deposit/retainer. Final payment is due 1 week prior to event date.


Q: Can a cake be placed outside during an outdoor event?

A: It is not suggested to keep cakes in temps above 72 degrees, to avoid melting or shifting etc. However All cakes will be picked up/delivered cold and will allow for a decent amount of time in above temps before any damage may occur. If the cake can be stored in a cooler location until closer to serving, that is highly recommended.


Q: Do you offer cake tastings?

A: Absolutely! Consultations are $25.00 and are limited to events of 100 servings or cakes of 3 tiers or more. They include 3 flavors of your choice, and 3 popular flavors of the Lavish Whisk. If you would like to have a sample box made for pick up (will not include an in person consultation) You can do so for $15.00. Highly suggested that appointment must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.