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As popularity has grown for our divine cakes in a jar, we decided it was time to create a sister company to streamline our cake jar orders and promotions.  In addition to growing our brand, we have also expanded our baking family! 

A warm welcome to Jessica Wright, our baking assistant and cake jar delivery aid!  

Often when placing your cake in a jar orders, you will discuss your details and arrange pickup/delivery with Jessica



4oz cake jars - 2 layers of cake & icing + filling between layers

starting at $3.75 each

(min. of 12 jars per order)

8oz cake jars - 4 layers of cake & icing + Filling between each layer

starting at $6.00 each

10oz cake jars - 6 layers of cake & icing + Filling between each layer

Starting at $9.00 each

(min. of 6 jars per order)

Each jar is customized with a 2" round label  design of your choice

additional customization's can include:

colored ribbon/bow/tulle

attached mini fork




To place  cake in a jar orders, please visit:

or email:

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