Lavish Whisk is happy to be offering local foster children with FREE personal size birthday cakes!

These cakes are made with love by your favorite baker!

Due to being the one and only baker for Lavish Whisk, I can only take a certain number of requests per month on top of my typical celebration work. 

I will do my best to honor as many requests as I can, but please understand the circumstances if I cannot fulfill each one. 

Free cakes are for the foster children in your family only. All children and their families are special but this is a special gift for the sweet children of foster care only. 

-Kourtney Kelley


If you would like to request a cake for your foster child or have any questions
please fill out the form below:
Cake Flavor
Cake Flavor
Age Of Foster

These cakes are not only made with love by yours truly, the necessary materials are part of my gift too.

With more open hearts, more kids can be reached. 

I have been asked on multiple occasions since making this commitment to these amazing kids,  if a sponsorship can be done to get even more kids cakes than I am able to do personally.  

I would love to accept donations in what ever form you feel compelled to do so.  

I will not ask, so anything received will 100% be put toward materials needed to create these cakes.  This movement is something I wanted to do personally, so I do not expect any additional help. 

Monetary donations are fantastic, but ingredients or necessary materials are an amazing option as well!

This is my feel good project, that I am so SO grateful to be a part of. I am so excited to create such special cakes for such AMAZING kids!!

-Kourtney Kelley